Trampoline Basketball

Trampoline basketball can be one of the funnest activities you can play on a trampoline. Back in the day I remember trying to find a good trampoline basketball hoop to no avail. Now, however, with a little searching online you can find some great trampoline basketball hoops available at pretty reasonable costs.

Of course, playing trampoline basketball can be fun, you just have to decide how you want to set things up. Do you want to play trampoline basketball like they do in SlamBall? If so, then you are going to need more than just a regular trampoline and a simple basketball hoop. In fact, you will need a completely different type of trampoline, and I would also recommend a very thorough check up with your doctor—SlamBall can be very dangerous.

However, if you are just the normal person looking to play trampoline basketball for fun, then it’s much simpler. You will need to decide which hoop to buy, but that may not be the first thing you want to consider. Playing trampoline basketball on a round trampoline can actually be quite difficult, so you may want to consider purchasing a square trampoline instead.

One other piece of trampoline equipment to consider when wanting to play trampoline basketball is a good trampoline safety net that goes around your trampoline. It is much easier than you think to bounce off of (or BE bounced off of) the trampoline while playing trampoline basketball, and for this reason, most people will look for a good safety net to protect their child and friends.