A Personal Review Of My FHI Flat Iron – Model 207 RVI

After 3 years of continuous use my old CHI stopped working. I really loved using it and thought I’d replace it with another CHI, but then a friend of mine recommended a this flat iron – she had one and said it did a great job of straightening her hair. I liked the way her hair looked and I liked the price of the FHI, so I went ahead and bought one, and despite one tiny little flaw, I’m really pleased with my purchase.

True, my hair isn’t the thickest or the longest but my old 1″ ceramic CHI flat iron did a great job of straightening my hair. If there was only one criticism, it would have to be that it didn’t have variable temperature control; sometimes I just wanted to ‘touch up’ my hair and didn’t really need a very hot iron.

But after 3 years it just stopped heating up. I needed a replacement, and fast. My friend, Stephanie, had just bought a new hair straightener and I really liked the way her hair was looking of late, so I gave her a call and asked what she was using. I’d never heard of a FHI flat iron but I wanted to know more, so I called round to her home and tested out her iron.

I really liked it. It was lighter than my old CHI flat iron and it just felt easier to use and it did a great job of straightening my hair. However, I was still going to buy another CHI, but then Stephanie told me how much she paid for her FHI flat iron; it was a fraction of the price of a CHI.

After going online and checking things out, I decided to buy a FHI flat iron. However, I chose a different model to Stephanie’s – she has the 1″ ceramic, model 205 RFI, which doesn’t have temperature control. I bought the 1″ ceramic with variable control – model 302 RVI. It cost $90 – $30 more than the 302 RVI – but I’m glad I paid the extra for variable control. By the way, the CHI model I would have bought costs around $140 – so I saved myself quite a bit.

I’ve been using it now for 6 months and it straightens my hair perfectly, every time. One thing that really impresses me is that it heats up in just 10 seconds. My old one took over a minute, but I know newer models all seem to heat up quicker now. It’s also a very hot iron; its temperature range is 140F – 450F (60C – 232C). I never use it at maximum temperature – way too hot for my hair – the CHI flat iron has a maximum temperature of 356F.

Like I said, I’m really happy with it but after just a couple of months of using it the logo, that’s stuck on at the hinge, fell off. It’s a minor point, but I hope other bits aren’t going to start falling off. Anyhow, my FHI flat iron works just great; I just hope it last as long as my old one did.